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How do you care for

natural extensions?


It is crucial to not wash hair for 24 hours after service. When you do wash your hair extensions it is critical that you use a sulfate or paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. We recommend and carry Kevin Murphy, Olaplex and Virtue products which are made with all natural ingredients. To help keep extensions soft and untangled using a leave in conditioner is also a critical step to help maintain the life span of the Remy hair.


Silicone based products of any kind, oils, parabens and sulfates.


For bonded or tape extensions, we recommend to not expose the hair to either salt or chlorinated water. Let's be real; that is really hard in the summertime. If this type of water exposure is unavoidable, we recommend putting a conditioner on the ends and then braiding it before going in the water. Ideally, however, it is still best to avoid exposure. If doing the seamless extensions, we recommend the same for less hassle after exposure to these things.
Seamless extensions offer more flexibility and are tolerant to salt and chlorinated water exposure. However, to avoid the possible hassle associated with exposure to these types of water, we still recommend the above process. It will save you time and aggravation. 

wet hair

Always, always, avoid going to bed with wet hair. This includes not leaving bonded or taped hair wet. Because it is not your own hair, extension hair takes longer to dry. 

heat styling

Always, always, these extensions need to be 90% dry before styling with heat tools or round brush. 


With any type of extensions, make sure you get inside of the head and not be afraid to brush. Remember, it is real hair that you bought, so treat it like your own!

A good boar's hair bristle brush needs to be used for all types of extensions. Hair needs to be brushed a lot to avoid tangles. This includes immediately after your shower and before any kind of styling to avoid tangles in between extensions.


We will thoroughly go over hair care before you leave your appointment to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. We will make you feel at ease and empowered with information to keep your new tresses in tip top shape. You can have fun with your new extensions and enjoy the confidence you deserve!

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