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hand tied wefts*

Do you have an active lifestyle but do not want to sacrifice fitness and fun in order to maintain gorgeous tresses? This multi-faceted application lasts 6-8 weeks and ensures the natural, flawless look that you are striving for. Beaded rows of "Boheme hand-tied hair" are sewn directly into existing hair. Because of the stronger bond created with this process, these extensions are workout and water friendly. activebabe extensions create a seamless, non-bulky appearance that is natural looking from all angles. They are a great solution for adding thickness and length. Maintenance needed 2-3 months after application (additional fees apply).

16": $650

20": $850 

22": $1050  

24": $1250


keratin bonds*

Have a busy schedule and needs a longer term solution for gorgeous hair? This process uses individual protein and resin bonds and lasts 4-6 months. bossbabe is a great solution for adding thickness and length. Maintenance is strongly recommended 2-3 months after application for best results (additional fees apply).

14": $750  

16": $850

18": $950  

22": $1050  



Looking for the perfect solution to look your best for a special event? These clip-in extensions are intended for same-day use only.

20": $375  



Tape removal and lift: $250 - $350**  


Move up or tighten: $250 - $350**  


Extension Removal: starts at $50/hour  

Blow Dry and Style: $65

Beachbabe waves: $25


tape-in method*

This seamless tape extension is perfect for adding volume and length to fine hair. It is a fantastic choice for the budget conscious. everybabe lasts 4-6 weeks after initial application and can be re-taped up to four times. (additional fees apply.)

14": $650

16": $750  

18": $850  

22": $1050  

*An exact quote will be given at your consultation. Prices listedare average starting prices, before tax, for a full head service.Prices are subject to change if more hair is required.

**Additional services such as curls see allbabes for additional fees